Gorilla tours and the Ndere TALA Resort

The Ndere TALA Resort is also under the Ndere brand.

It’s located in great spots overlooking the picturesque Lake Mutanda. It offers all types of accommodation from en-suite rustic to en-suite luxury living.

By taking a twenty minute drive from the resort, you will find yourself immersed in the habitat of the beautiful gentle giants, The Mountain Gorillas. Gorilla tracking is Uganda’s most premium and memorable safari experience.


Built overlooking Lake Mutanda, this resort provides not only spectacular panoramic views but also a range of accommodations.

The Resort boasts a perfect location on natures doorstep. It’s ideally suited for those looking to experience our Gorilla tours, or those looking to take in the breath-taking vistas of Lake Mutanda.

Just an hours drive from Kisoro Airport, and one hour flight form Entebbe airport. The journey here could not be easier, to one of natures most beautiful places on earth.

Bird Watching

Located on the footstep of a volcano is Lake Mutanda, where the Ndere TALA Resort looks out upon paradise. This rustic lodge accommodates three people, all rooms are in suite, providing them with a view of both Lake Mutanda and five different volcanoes.

Ndere TALA Resort is a birdwatcher’s dream; ornithologists from across the globe are invited to witness some of the most magnificent birds that Uganda has to offer.

It’s also a twenty minute drive to our Gorilla tours, making it an ideal location for anyone wishing to see a variety of the wonders the nature of Uganda has.

Plenty of Eagles, Golden Crested Cranes, King Fisher and much more!

Ndere TALA Resort

Gorilla Tours

Stepping through nature’s veil you can witness these beautiful, yet powerful, creatures in their natural habitat. You can witness them as they live their daily lives, untouched by the outside world.

This experience, described by many, is a once in a lifetime gift; to see these magnificent animals in an environment that no zoo can provide.

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