Ndere cultural centre

Uganda’s Best Cultural Dance Troupe

Ndere cultural centre

Uganda’s Best Cultural Dance Troupe

Ndere cultural centre

Uganda’s Best Cultural Dance Troupe

Ndere cultural centre

Uganda’s Best Cultural Dance Troupe

Ndere cultural centre

Uganda’s Best Cultural Dance Troupe

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Welcome to the Online Home of Ndere Troupe

Ndere Cultural Centre opened in 2003 to be the home of Uganda’s  pioneering traditional dance group, Ndere Troupe. It now has very comfortable accommodation, a restaurant, venues for parties, conference spaces along with our information centre.

Come and watch the Ndere Troupe Perform at the Ndere Centre every;


Children (2-12 years) – 25,000/= or $8

National Adults – 45,000/= or $15 

International Adults – 80,000/= or $25 



The Ndere Centre is home to cultural information, the Ndere Troupe and headquarters of the UDTA. It is built on nine acres of well maintained green, beautifully flowered walk ways and shaded by a variety of fruit and other African trees. 

The rare architecture is a seamless combination of artistic creativity with simplicity that takes African forms, materials, colours and construction to unprecedented heights. The Centre enables you to:

  • Witness a range of artwork while enjoying the tranquil environment
  • Host your function; social parties, corporate receptions, conferences, workshops etc
  • Provides comfortable accommodation for individuals, couples, families and groups
  • Our onsite restaurant provides an excellent selection of food for dining 
For more information about the Ndere Centre please email info@ndere.com

The word ‘endere’ means ‘flute’, the Ndere Troupe therefore means Flute Troupe.

The flute was chosen as a symbol of beauty as it produced such beautiful and irre4sistable music which can be manipulated to express a range of emotions; from sorrow to joy and from love to loneliness. 

It also symbolises universal unity, all peoples of the world have a flute in their cultures. The flute is like the blood that flows in our bodies no matter our external difference. The Ndere Troupe prides itself on emphasising commonalities and celebrating the rich differences. 

The Ndere Troupe is a cultural development that was founded in 1986 by Rawangyezi Stephen. 



Built overlooking Lake Mutanda, this resort provides not only spectacular panoramic views but also a range of accommodations. 

Although not yet complete, the View Resort boasts a perfect location on natures doorstep.

The resort is ideally suited for those looking to experience our Gorilla tours, or those looking to take in the breath-taking vistas of Lake Mutanda. 

More information will be made available when the resort is complete. 

Located on the footstep of a volcano is Lake Mutanda, where the Huntsman Lodge looks out upon paradise. This rustic lodge accommodates three people, both rooms are in suite, providing them with a view of both Lake Mutanda and five different volcanoes.

Huntsman Lodge is a birdwatcher’s dream;  ornithologists from across the globe are invited to witness some of the most magnificent birds that Uganda has to offer.

The Huntsman Lodge is also a twenty minute drive to our Gorilla tours, making it an ideal location for anyone wishing to see a variety of the wonders the nature of Uganda has.

By taking a twenty minute drive from both The View Resort and  Huntsman Lodge, you will find yourself immersed in the habitat of these beautiful primates. 

Stepping through nature’s veil you can witness these beautiful, yet powerful, creatures in their natural habitat. You can witness them as they live their daily lives, untouched by the outside world. 

This experience, described by many, is a once in a lifetime gift; to see these magnificent animals in an environment that no zoo can provide. 

All bookings to experience this incredible tour can be found in the bookings tab above. 

Multiple events can be had at our two theatres. 

Ndere Cultural Centre has not only 1 but 2 Amphitheatres, the Joy Arena and the Caves Arena that can sit atleast 500 people each. The Cultural Centre also has an indoor auditorium for all theatre performances sitting 300 people 


Looking to celebrate your loved ones in a special way? Do you have a special event coming up? Look now further than Ndere Cultural Centre. 

Our venues have been uniquely built and are maintained nicely to accommodate you and provide the ultimate experience. 

We host theatrical performances, conferences, weddings, birthday parties and more.

Contact us on info@ndere.com

Come and watch the Ndere Troupe Perform at the Ndere Centre every;

Book your tickets or reserve a table by calling

+256 772200104/772700105/772700112.

follow us on all social media platforms @ndereug for timely updates

Our healthy buffets and BBQs are served daily.

We will give you permanent nostalgia and never ending desire of Uganda’s cuisine.

Our Buffet costs 40,000/

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