Ndere Centre

The Ndere Centre is home to cultural information, the Ndere Troupe and headquarters of the UDTA. It is built on nine acres of well maintained green, beautifully flowered walk ways and shaded by a variety of fruit and other African trees. 

The rare architecture is a seamless combination of artistic creativity with simplicity that takes African forms, materials, colours and construction to unprecedented heights. The Centre enables you to:

  • Witness a range of artwork while enjoying the tranquil environment
  • Host your function; social parties, corporate receptions, conferences, workshops etc
  • Provides comfortable accommodation for individuals, couples, families and groups
  • Our onsite restaurant provides an excellent selection of food for dining 
For more information about the Ndere Centre please email info@ndere.com


Food is provided daily at our onsite restaurant. However on Sunday nights a large and exquisite buffet is available to guests. On this special night guests are not only available to spectacular food but also entertainment as the Ndere Troupe performs. 

Cultural Nights

The Ndere Troupe captures the amazing traditional songs, dances and unique instruments from the 56 tribes of Uganda. They weave them with humorously informative stories and present them in an authentic but artistically developed spectacle every Sunday at 6:00pm; an experience not to be missed.For international guests to Uganda, this is the best introduction to Uganda, East East Africa and  Africa’s culture and ways of life.

Entrance to the shows:

Ugandan Adults: UGX45,000/$15
Non Ugandan Adults: UGX 80,000/$25
All children Aged 2 to 12 years: UGX25,000/$8


A range of accommodation options is available at the Ndere Centre. Rooms, chalets and private houses are available to individual visitors, couples, families or groups. For more information, include pricing, please see the accommodation tab above.