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The word ‘endere’ means ‘flute’, the word Ndere Troupe therein implies to a Flute Troupe.

The flute was chosen as a symbol of beauty as it produce soothing, beautiful and irresistable music which can be manipulated to express a range of emotions; from sorrow to joy and from love to loneliness.

It also symbolises universal unity, majority people of the world have a flute in their cultures just varied by modifications. The flute is like the blood that flows in our bodies no matter our external differences. The Ndere Troupe prides itself in emphasising commonalities and celebrating the cultural rich differences.

The Ndere Troupe is a cultural development that was founded in 1986 by Dr.Rwangyezi Stephen.
Each has done his part but would I want to mention Stephen Rwangyezi of Ndere troupe. He is a living hero in this country. In a humble way, he founded Ndere Troupe in 1986 in Busega on Masaka road. He was a primary school teacher but now holds a degree in Statistics. In 1997 he started the mobilisation of artistes and their groups using his Ndere troupe in 18 districts in Uganda. Over 1200 groups from 42 districts are benefiting from Rwangyezi’s sweat.
Individuals, schools and foreign artistes use the centre for any purposeful use without being charged but instead are paid the collection from the entry. Mr. Rwangyezi and Ndere help groups to have good productions and the purpose is to help individuals to develop. He helps his members and employees to upgrade academically and the troupe takes full responsibility of their wellbeing.
I do not hesitate to say that Rwangyezi deserves to be among the listed living heroes this country has ever had. Government should also begin to recognise other contributors other than thinking about fighters only.

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Ndere Troupe’s dancing encyclopaedia

Historically in Africa, written words did not exist therefore Africa’s cultural history literature, knowledge and wisdom were recorded and passed on to succeeding generations through the medium of performing arts, music, dance, story telling and poetry.

Pride in education, in efforts to salvage and conserve African heritage, the Ndere Troupe performs a repertoire of more than 40 authentic Ugandan dances and songs accompanied by various indeginous percussive, stringed and wind instruments. The Troupe engages in various projects aimed at keeping African generations educated about traditional entertainment and also uses traditional entertainment to spread knowledge about current issues such as modern farming techniques and HIV/AIDS.

Ndere Troupe

Uganda’s Cultural Ambassadors

The multi-award winning Ndere Troupe has been gracing stages for almost 25 years with high quality performances that have resulted in worldwide appreciation and fame.  Ndere Troupe has also made memorable experiences for countless people and organisations by performing at different milestones in their lives.

Ndere Troupe has performed at graduations, weddings, anniversaries, dinners, launches, conferences, expositions, festivals, opening ceremonies and state functions to name but a few.
With over 60 artists, Ndere Troupe is poised to continue shaping Ugandan culture and performance as they continue to take it to the next level.

The Ndere Troupe has done extensive research, documentation and, above all, in-depth training. The troupe now has a repertoire of over 40 authentic dances, countless songs, a unique African orchestra of all classes of musical instruments, developed humorous stories that put the performances in cultural context without turning the performances into boring lectures, designed and dressed the performances to fit modern stages, be watchable by all ages and social classes – without compromising authenticity.

Ndere has now built a magnificent Cultural Centre in Kampala where different aspects of Uganda’s cultures are celebrated daily with free full-fledged cultural performances three times a week.